A catch-all feature that is activated for a specific mailbox will allow you to receive emails that are sent to addresses that do not really exist. Otherwise put, if you remove an email address and somebody still sends a message to it, or to any mistyped email address under the same domain, you will get the email in the catch-all mailbox. Using this feature implies that you won’t miss an email for any reason, which could be crucial in case you are running a company, for example. Since you may start receiving junk email messages, you can combine the catch-all option with email filters so as to receive only legitimate email messages in your inbox. Only one mailbox per domain name can be a catch-all one and email forwarding cannot be activated for a catch-all mailbox.
Catch-all Emails in Shared Website Hosting
If you’ve got a Linux shared website hosting service with us and you’d like to enable the catch-all option for a given email mailbox that you have in your account, it’ll take literally only a single click of the mouse in the Email Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel to do that. A catch-all button is available next to each and every email address that you have set up under any domain registered in your account. You can choose one email address per domain by clicking on the corresponding button. This will enable the feature instantaneously, so all email messages sent to misspelled addresses will be re-sent there. Clicking on the button for a second time will turn off the catch-all feature. In case you have active email forwarding, our system will show a cautionary note and you won’t be able to enable the catch-all feature till you delete the forwarding or you can simply choose some other mailbox to be the catch-all one.
Catch-all Emails in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The in-house created Hepsia hosting Control Panel that is included with each and every semi-dedicated server plan that we offer will allow you to set up a catch-all email mailbox without any efforts even if you do not have much web/email hosting experience. All it takes to accomplish that is to click the catch-all icon, which will be on the right-hand side of each email address that you’ve created with your domain names in the Email Manager section of the hosting Control Panel. Since you can have just one single mailbox with this feature per domain, our system will notify you if you’ve already configured another catch-all mailbox or if the one that you’d like to use has email forwarding activated. In case you reach the decision that you don’t want the feature any longer, you can remove it by clicking once again on the very same icon. The Email Manager section will also permit you to view your catch-all mailboxes at a glance.